Gianni Gebbia Polish Quartet

13 września 2017 20:30

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The italian alto and Eb sopranino sax player Jòraku Gianni Gebbia started his own professional solo concert in 1990 following an invitation by Jost Gebers from FMP to play in Berlin in the legendary Total Music Meeting featuring Gebbia himself along with Steve Lacy, Lindsay Cooper, Dietmar Diesner and Rudiger Carl.

After this deep experience, and stimulated by Steve Lacy advises, Gebbia continued with unique strenght and concentration his personal research on solo saxophone playing in most of the specialized festivals in Europe, Usa and Japan.
During the years Gebbia solos have been transforming and touching many different sides of this form from noise research to melodies through a deep mastering of the circular breathing techniques that Gebbia has learned through the late master of Sardinian launeddas Dionigi Burranca.

Critics consider Gebbia’s solos as one of the most interesting of the second generation of improvisors along with similar artists as Ned Rothenberg, and John Butcher. Today many players in the solo scene declared to be strongly influenced by Gianni Gebbia’s solo recordings from the 90’s as in the case of the solo sax player Colin Stetson, John Berndt, Ryoko Ono, Mick Barr and many others.

In all these years of solo performances, Gebbia has recorded the following cd’s: Body Limits (Splasch records), H-Portraits ( Rastascan ) Arcana Maior Sonic Tarots session ( Rastascan ) and an lp for Soundmetak records entitled Daruma’s call. Recently the english writer Brian Morton quoted Gebbia’s works among the most indespensable sax solo works in an article published by The Wire magazine entitled “ The Primer: lone horns “.The dramatic and expressive qualities of Gebbia’s solos became a strong attraction for quite many Butoh dancers from Japan as Masaki Iwana, Tadashi Endo, Akiko Takada, Sonda Ikumi as well as actors and directors as Vanessa Redgrave, Pina Bausch and visual artists. Gebbia has been doing many masterclasses and lectures about his approach in some prestigious institutions as Cal Arts in Los Angeles, The New School in New York, Vancouver Jazz Festival, Sonoma State University and Arfi in Lyon France plus a video lecture on circular breathing on the TED channel. Gianni Gebbia has also played duets with some other great masters of Solo saxophone as: Evan Parker, Michel Doneda, Alessandro Bosetti, Jon Raskin, Katsura Yamauchi, Louis Sclavis, Petras Visnauskas and Vitas Labutis.
He’s currently workin on a new solo recording entitled: “ Sicilian Chants “ that will be published at the end of 2013.

Gianni Gebbia – saksofonMateusz Gawęda – fortepianJakub Dworak – kontrabasCarmelo Graceffa – perkusja

Środa, 13.09.2017, godz. 20:30

I pula (przedsprzedaż) – 60 PLN
II pula (w dniu koncertu) – 66 PLN


12on14 Jazz Clubul. Noakowskiego 16, 00-666 Warszawa (

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