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Oregon |USA|

23 listopada 2016 @ 20:30 - 23:00

| 100PLN


Oregon to bodaj najstarszy zespół jazzowy, który bez specjalnych przerw i artystycznych zawirowań nagrywa i koncertuje od blisko pół wieku. Charakterystyczna, subtelna muzyka kwartetu na wiele dekad zbliżyła entuzjastów jazzowej tradycji oraz charakterystycznego brzmienia zespołu. To ewenement formalny i stylistyczny w historii muzyki jazzowej, ale także doskonały dowód na wierność artystyczną projektu, znanego na całym świecie jako Oregon.

Zespół powstał w 1970 roku jako nowoczesna mutacja słynnego warsztatowego Consort Paula Wintera. Oregon utworzyli gitarzysta Ralph Towner, perkusista, Colin Walcott, basista Glen Moore oraz saksofonista Paul McCandless. Kwartet eksplorował obrzeża jazzu, stapiając w jedną całość elementy klasyki, folku, muzyki hinduskiej i etnicznej. Takie kameralne podejście zmuszało publiczność do ciszy i wielkiej koncentracji, niezbędnych do właściwej percepcji tej misternie utkanej materii dźwięków. Od czasu do czasu zespół wybuchał muzyką osnutą na tradycyjnej formie i fakturze, pozornie zamierzając wynagrodzić słuchaczy za trudniejsze chwile. Oregon konsekwentnie broni się przed wszelkimi kompromisami oraz klasyfikacjami, co sprawia, że nie ma sobie równych, gdy idzie o budowanie artystycznego napięcia; reprezentuje też jedną z najbardziej znaczących i charakterystycznych, muzycznych stylistyk. W dyskografii kwartetu znajduje się m.in. najważniejszy – dla polskiego jazzu – album “Violin” nagrany w 1987 roku wraz z polskim skrzypkiem Zbigniewem Seifertem. Oregon to jedna z czołowych formacji, grających muzykę improwizowaną, łączących muzykę hinduską i zachodnią muzykę poważną z jazzem, folkiem i elementami awangardy. Charakterystyczna, subtelna muzyka kwartetu na wiele dekad zbliżyła entuzjastów jazzowej tradycji oraz charakterystycznego brzmienia zespołu.

Najnowsze albumy kwartetu („In Stride”, „Prime”, “Family Tree”) niosą w sobie sporą dawkę eklektyki Oregonu. Są doskonałym przykładem dla amerykańskiej koncepcji nowoczesnego jazzu obudowanego romantyczną nutą i melodyką, dla której pomysły i artystyczne wyzwania muzyków kwartetu są najwspanialsza zabawą. To „druga młodość” Oregonu, jak zgodnie określili nagranie krytycy i najwspanialszy aromat dzisiejszego, wielopłaszczyznowego jazzu, dla którego klasyka, muzyka etniczna, improwizacja oraz wrażliwość i emocja twórcza są elementami najważniejszymi.” – Dionizy Piątkowski

W marcu 2015 z zespołu odszedł współzałożyciel grupy, kontrabasista Glen Moore.

Podczas koncertu w 12on14 Jazz Club kwartet wystąpi w składzie: Ralph Towner – gitarzysta i klawiszowiec, Paul McCandless – grający na saksofonach, oboju i klarnecie, perkusista Mark Walker oraz basista Paulino Della Porta.


★ Ralph Towner – musical innovation is no easy feat. It not only requires an innate talent, but also a devotion to the art that is not blinded by the commercial glare of the popular culture. Ralph Towner is such an innovator on the modern musical landscape, his ideas ever fresh, though they span a career of more than thirty years.

Best known as the lead composer, guitarist, and keyboardist for the acoustic jazz ensemble „Oregon”, Towner has also had a rich and varied solo career that has seen fruitful and memorable musical collaboration with such great modern musicians as Gary Burton, John Abercrombie, Egberto Gismonti, Larry Coryell, Keith Jarrett, Jan Garbarek, and Gary Peacock.

Towner was born in Chehalis, Washington on March 1st, 1940 into a musical family, his mother a piano teacher and his father a trumpet player. Towner and his siblings were raised in a nurturing and empowering environment that encouraged free musical experimentation and expression. In 1958, Towner enrolled in the University of Oregon as an art major, later changing his major to composition. He soon thereafter met bassist Glen Moore who would become a lifelong musical partner  in the band Oregon.

It was about this time that Towner discovered the early LPs of Bill Evans, whom Towner emulated and  whose influence he began to incorporate into his own piano style and composition. It was not much longer until Towner also bought a classical guitar on a lark and became entranced enough with the instrument that the early 1960s saw him heading to Vienna to study classical guitar with Karl Scheit. In 1968 Towner moved to New York City and immersed himself in the New York jazz scene, eventually landing a position with the Paul Winter Consort where the friendships and musical partnering with Glen Moore, Paul McCandless, and Collin Walcott were forged, a musical chemistry which was destined to alchemize into the band Oregon. Paul Winter also bestowed Towner with his first 12-string guitar. Towner has since coaxed the 12-string into imbuing his work with such a characteristic uniqueness that most jazz fans, given the two keywords „12-string” and „jazz” would immediately blurt the name Ralph Towner.

Towner’s working relationship with producer Manfred Eicher of ECM Records began in 1972 and would provide a forum for his growth as a leader and collaborator with other jazz giants, all while concomitantly breaking open musical frontiers with Oregon throughout the intervening years. ECM’s roster of low-volume acts was decidedly contrary to the amplified popular zeitgeist of the era, and provided Towner an opportunity to connect and create with some of the more iconoclastic and innovative artists of the musical culture in the 1970s. Towner’s ECM years also saw his most minimalist, yet most bold, endeavor. “Solo Concert”, released in 1980 on ECM, was conceptually elemental, a solo live guitar recital. Yet, no one to date had ever synthesized classical contrapuntal composition with improvisational and oddly- metered jazz like this before, especially in such a risky arena as a live performance. Such solo work would later become Towner’s signature on recordings such as „Ana” and „Anthem”, or augmented only by Gary Peacock’s bass on „Oracle” and „A Closer View”.

Like any true artist, however, experimentation with technology was simultaneously and paradoxically leading Towner away from this bare-bones approach to composition and performance in 1983 when he began to incorporate the Prophet 5 keyboard synthesizer into his compositions, both with Oregon and his ECM recordings. The Prophet 5 afforded an entirely new dimension to his writing, as well as to the brazen and quirky character of the „free-form” improvisatory pieces for which Oregon had become infamous.

Just as Towner’s solo career has seen evolution, his partnership with Oregon would likewise undergo transformations as one might anticipate that any enduring relationship might do. Sadly, in 1984, percussionist Collin Walcott and manager Jo Härting were killed in Germany in a collision involving Oregon’s tour bus. Towner and McCandless escaped serious injury in the back of the vehicle. The emotional scars would however be deep, and it at first seemed doubtful that Walcott’s critical contribution to Oregon’s musical tapestry, lost so tragically, could ever be resurrected by any replacement. Time would luckily find that the intent of Oregon’s musical message was vehement enough to again find spontaneous expression after grief. Two subsequent world-class percussionists of a like mind, and gifted with rhythmic virtuosity, Trilok Gurtu in 1992 and Mark

Walker in 1997, would share in and expand on Oregon’s vision. That vision would explode in an epic way in 2000 upon release of „Oregon in Moscow”, an orchestral double-CD recorded with the Tchaikovsky Symphony Orchestra, earning the ensemble four Grammy nominations.

★ Paul McCandless – during a distinguished career spanning three decades, Paul McCandless has brought a soaring lyricism to his playing and composing that has been integral to the ensemble sound of two seminal world music bands, the Paul Winter Consort and the relentlessly innovative quartet, OREGON. A gifted multi-instrumentalist and composer, McCandless has specialized in a broad palette of both single and double reed instruments that reflect his grounding in both classical and jazz disciplines.

Born in the small town of Indiana, Pennsylvania to a musical family, McCandless inherited his artistic passion from his parents who were both music teachers. His father played the oboe, as well as his grandfather, who acquainted Paul in his youth with the world of musical instruments in his repair shop, where pieces of old horns became toys. By nine, McCandless was playing the clarinet. Although his training was classical, he was introduced to jazz during junior high school and was learning saxophone at the same time that he took up his primary instrument, oboe. As he continued his studies at Duquesne University and the Manhattan School of Music, McCandless embarked on his performing career playing with the Pittsburgh Symphony at Carnegie Hall and the United Nations when he was only 19. At the recommendation of his oboe teacher, Robert Bloom, Toscanini’s first oboe player, he joined the Paul Winter Consort. A finalist in the 1971 English horn auditions for the New York Philharmonic, McCandless had already been playing with the Consort forthree years, establishing an affinity for unconventional contemporary chamber settings. He would play with them until 1973, recording five albums and appearing at Fillmores East and West, the Tanglewood and Schaeffer Festivals and numerous colleges throughout the U.S.

While he was a member of the Consort, McCandless formed an alliance with guitarist/pianist Ralph Towner, bassist Glen Moore and percussionist Collin Walcott to later form the group OREGON. For three decades, this group has continued— transcending all established genres; surviving the tragic death of Collin Walcott (succeeded now by Mark Walker); recording 23 albums on Vanguard, Elektra/Asylum, ECM, Epic, Chesky and Intuition Records; performing in major clubs and concert halls including Carnegie Hall three times, Lincoln Center, Berlin Philharmonic Hall, and Vienna’s Mozartsaal; touring the U.S, Canada, Mexico, South America, Eastern and Western Europe, North Africa, the Indian subcontinent, and Australia; appearing at international festivals in Berlin, Pori, Molde, Newport, Telluride, Arcosanti, Bombay and Delhi. As a member of OREGON, he has been a featured soloist and composer with the Stavanger Orchestra, and in conjunction with Dennis Russell Davies performed with the Philadelphia, St. Paul Chamber, Stuttgart Opera, and Freiburg orchestras. In 1999, Paul recorded three of his orchestral scores for OREGON and the Moscow Tchaikovsky Orchestra called Oregon In Moscow.

In his odyssey through the woodwind family, McCandless gradually expanded his array of instruments, adding the bass clarinet, soprano and sopranino saxophones, penny whistles, various ethnic flutes, and the electronic wind controller to his primary instruments, the oboe and English horn.

He began extending his reach outside of OREGON as a collaborator and solo artist, and is credited with more than 150 albums and performances with such musicians as Jaco Pastorius (Invitation on Warner Brothers), Carla Bley (Night-Glo on Watt- Works), Art Lande/Dave Samuels (Skylight on ECM), Eberhard Weber (Later That Evening on ECM), as well as with Wynton Marsalis, Pat Metheny, Mark Isham, Steve Reich, Al Jarreau, Bruce Hornsby, Victor Wooten, Fred Simon, Michael Manring, Darol Anger, Mike Marshall, and String Cheese Incident.

He inaugurated his solo career with All the Mornings Bring on Elektra/Asylum and Navigator on Landslide. The desire to work with larger compositional forms led to his 1988 release Heresay on Windham Hill featuring pianist Art Lande and Pat Metheny

Group bassist Steve Rodby, followed by Premonition in 1992 with renowned players:Metheny Group pianist Lyle Mays, Steve Rodby both as producer and player, former Yellowjackets drummer William Kennedy and OREGON drummer Mark Walker. He toured with his own quintet featuring Mays and Rodby in the U.S. and Canada where he performed at the Montreal Jazz Festival. While an artist on Windham Hill, McCandless also contributed to numerous anthologies including Bach Variations, The Impressionists, The Romantics, and Solstices II-VI, two of which were gold records.

He also composed and recorded Squanto and the First Thanksgiving for Rabbit Ears Productions which was aired on Mel Gibson’s children’s program on National Public Radio. In 1997 he wrote, scored and performed four symphonic compositions with the Camerata Orchestra in Mexico CityEven as McCandless pursues his solo endeavors and his work with OREGON, he keeps several other activities in motion simultaneously. He recorded three albums and toured with Béla Fleck with whom he won a Grammy in 1996 for Best Pop Instrumental. He maintains his long-standing musical relationship with Art Lande, continues to collaborate with a multitude of other artists and currently tours with the group Proteus 7.

When Paul is at his home in Bolinas, CA., he teaches music with his wife, Robin Feld, at Full Circle, a residential treatment center for troubled teenage boys.

★ Paolino Dalla Porta – Bass player, composer, he studied classical guitar and contemporary composition.

Paolino Dalla Porta is considered one of the most interesting and eclectic bassists of the Italian and European jazz scene. Since its inception in the late 70’s, he has always tried to combine various musical languages that merged improvised and creative music, Mediterranean and ethnic traditions and Jazz.

In over thirty years he has been the promoter and collaborator of many groups that thanks to the research of music and original languages have contributed to the creation of what was defined as a real current of Italian and European Jazz: Nexus, Democratic Orchestra Milano, Stefano Battaglia Trio, Enrico Rava 4tet, Maurizio

Giammarco Trio, Elena Ledda, Antonello Salis 5tet, Grande Orchestra Nazionale, Bebo Ferra – Paolino Dalla Porta Duo, Gianluca Petrella Indigo 4tet, Paolo Fresu Devil 4tet, Tino Tracanna Acrobats 5tet, Giovanni Falzone Special Band etc.

Since 1978 he has been playing and recording with many prestigious European and American musicians, among which: Pat Metheny, Dave Liebman, Lester Bowie, Sam Rivers, Aldo Romano, Tony Oxley, Paul Bley, Kenny Wheeler, Mick Goodrick, Adam Nussbaum , Lee Konitz, Paul McCandless, Michel Pertucciani, Billy Cobham, Mal Waldrom, Leroy Jenkins, Glenn Ferris, Massimo Urbani, Don Cherry, Oliver Lake, Franco D’Andrea, Ran Blake, Jimmy Owens, Daniel Humair, Don Moye, Manfred Schoof, Roberto Gatto, Misha Mangelberg, Han Bennik, Bill Elgart, Richard Galliano, Francis Bebey, Dominique Pifarely, Claudio Fasoli, Kurt Rosenwinkel, David Murray, Dave Burrel, Sainkho Namtchylak, John Taylor, Eliot Zigmund, Roswell Rudd, Norma Winstone, Dave Binney, Nelson Veras, John Tchicai, Bill Stewart, Mark Turner, George Garzone, Uri Caine, Bill Carrothers, Steven Bernstein, Jeff Ballard, Avishai Cohen, Jorge Rossi, John Abercrombie, Don Byron, Nir Felder and others.

Tours in all Europe, United States, Australia, New Caledonie, French Polinesia, Argentina, Africa, China and Colombia.

International Jazz festivals: Chicago, Melbourne, Atlanta, Umbria Jazz, North Sea Jazz Fest, Marciac, Pisa, Grenoble, Wien, Koln, Zurich, Rive de Geres, Le Mans, Cagliari, Montpellier, Clusone, Maastricht, Ravenna, Calvì, Genova, Nevers, Trento, Maribor, Arnhem, Verona, Bolzano, Chur, Zagreb, Hamburg, Vicenza, Milano, Skopje, Paris, Venice, Porquerolles, Boulogne S.M., Berchidda, Milan, Roccella Jonica, Vitrolles, Glasgow, Womex-Berlin, Buenos Aires, Jerusalem, Gent and many others.

Paolino has recorded about 140 records among which five as leader and twenty as co-author. In 1994, his record “Tales” with Kenny Wheeler was awarded four stars by the prestigious American jazz magazine “Down Beat”.

Besides he composed the sound track of the movie “Domenica”, directed by Wilma Labate, the music for the  docu-movie “Inge” by Luca Scarzella and the music for “Magia d’Africa” by Achille Mauri, a tv  documentary .

He has been teaching in master classes at Siena Jazz Summer Workshop since 1999 and at the Jazz Department of Milan’s and Piacenza’s Conservatory since 2006 and 2014.

Actually he is member of the bands of Paolo Fresu (Devil Quartet – Kind of Porgy & Bess Sextet), Zlatko Kaucic Trio, Tino Tracanna Acrobats Quintet, Duo & Trio with Bebo Ferra, Duo with Giovanni Falzone and he leads different projects (solo, trio, quartet, quintet).

As best italian bass player he won the prize InSound 2008 and the Top Jazz  2009 by the magazine Musica Jazz.

★ Mark Walker – Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, Mark Walker began playing professionally at age eighteen. He grew to become a musical chameleon of sorts, gaining valuable experience in virtually every style of playing. This led to a successful career as a first- call studio musician, as well as touring stints with pianist Lyle Mays and reedman Paul McCandless.

Collaborating with Chicago guitarist Dave Onderdonk on an album entitled „Loose Contact” Walker was featured as a drummer, percussionist, bassist, programmer, co-composer and co-producer. The project received a four-star rating in Down Beat magazine and kudos from many respected musicians.

Walker began working with Cuban saxophonist Paquito D‚Rivera in 1989 and has since toured the world

with D‚Rivera‚s various ensembles, including the Havana/New York Ensemble, the U.N. Orchestra, the World Festival Orchestra and the Paquito D‚Rivera Quintet.  Walker has performed on nearly a dozen of D‚Rivera‚s recordings, including three Grammy award winning CD‚s and two Grammy nominated disks. The latest release, „Live at the Blue Note‰, won a Latin Grammy award. He appears with D‚Rivera in the  film documentary „Calle 54‰and the Grammy ˆ nominated soundtrack.

Since moving to New York in 1995, Walker has had a busy career as a touring and recording musician. From 1994-97 he performed with the Caribbean Jazz Project, featuring Dave Samuels, Andy Narell and Paquito D‚Rivera. The group made two CD‚s and toured extensively.In 1996, he was invited to perform with legendary Brazilian pianist Cesar Camargo Mariano. He accompanied musical guests Milton Nascimento, João Bosco, Ivan Lins, Michael Brecker, Dianne Reeves and James Ingram, appearing in Europe, Brazil and New York City‚s Carnegie Hall.

In 1997 he began a two-year stint with Michel Camilo, with whom he still performs on occasion with bassist Anthony Jackson. He has also performed with Camilo‚s big band and on several Latin pop recordings produced by Camilo.

Walker began performing with legendary group Oregon in 1997, after being invited by producer Steve  Rodby to play on the CD „Northwest Passage‰. Oregon, featuring Ralph Towner, Paul McCandless and Glen Moore recently celebrated their thirtieth anniversary as a group. Oregon won four Grammy award nominations for their 1999 recording „Oregon in Moscow‰, a double CD recorded with the Tchiakovsky orchestra of Moscow. The group‚s latest recording, „Live at Yoshi‚s‰, will be released summer 2002. Presently, Oregon continues to maintain a consistent touring schedule. 2001, he collaborated with Bob McGrath, from the PBS television show „Sesame Street‰, composing, arranging, performing and producing music for a play-along CD included in McGrath‚s line of kids‚ percussion, the „Rhythm Band Set‰. Mark performed traditional rhythms of the Caribbean, South America, Asia, the Middle East and the United States, using both traditional and non-traditional instruments.

Recent activities include a new group and CD entitled „Latin Genesis‰, featuring saxophonists David Liebman, Don Braden and Dan Moretti; concerts in Uruguay with Brazilian singer/guitarist Rosa Passos; recordings with Brazilian Guitarist Romero Lubambo (featuring Ivan Lins and Cesar Camargo Mariano); performances with Dave Samuels and Dave Valentin; recordings and concerts with the WDR and NDR

German radio big bands; the debut CD of harp sensation Edmar Castañeda; summer and fall dates with „Calle 54‰ All-Stars (featuring Paquito D‚Rivera and many others); tours in Europe and the U.S. with Oregon.

Walker has just released two of a series of loop CD‚s.„Chameleon Drums 1 & 2‰, now available through <http://www.sonicstop.com/>www.sonicstop.com, features„wav. files‰ of Walker‚s solo and timekeeping patterns for drums and can be used by both novice and professional composers and producers to create virtually any style of music on a computer. He also has recorded a critically acclaimed loop CD entitled„Latin Drums the Rhythm of the Americas”.

When he‚s not performing or recording, Walker enjoys teaching young musicians. In 2001, he was appointed Associate Professor of Percussion at the world-renowned Berklee College of Music in Boston. He is currently developing new curriculum for the college, including „South American Rhythms for Drumset‰ and „Caribbean Rhythms for Drumset‰ labs. He has also been a faculty member of Drummer‚s Collective in New York City since 1997. He has also taught many through his solo clinics and with Paquito D‚Rivera, Lyle Mays, Oregon, Jesus „Chucho Valdes, Claudio Roditi, Bill Watrous and others.  He is currently a Yamaha, Zildjian, Remo and Vic Firth endorser.



Ralph Towner – gitara
Paul McCandless
– saksofon, obój, klarnet
Paolino Dalla Porta
– kontrabas
Mark Walker
– perkusja

Środa, 23.11.2016, godz. 20:30



I pula (przedsprzedaż) – 100 PLN

II pula (w dniu koncertu) – 110 PLN

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*** Koncert jest odpłatny również dla posiadaczy karty muzyka, ale z upustem 50% od ceny podstawowej.
**** Nie gwarantujemy miejsc siedzących. Możliwość rezerwacji miejsca/stolika jest możliwa wyłącznie dla posiadaczy klubowej karty VIP.


23 listopada 2016
20:30 - 23:00
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